• Location: 418 Chisholm Trail
    Cincinnati, OH 45215

  • Phone: 1-513-522-6002

EnSaca Baby

Ideal machine for the bagging of volumes from 10 to 25 Lbs, with manual filling, or also with the accessory "Hat of the Silo", supply by wheel loaders and bobcats of small size, with the accessory "Hat Extension of Silo ", Supply with large loaders.

Technical Specifications:


  • •   Bagging capacity: 5 to 30 Lbs
  • •   Capacity of Silo (Without Silo Hat): 0.2m³
  • •   Silo Capacity (With Silo Hat): 0.6m³
  • •   Silo Capacity (With Silo Hat Extension): 2.3m³
  • •   Productivity per minute: 4 bags of 20 Lbs of medium sand or 3 bags of 20 Lbs of organic fertilizer.
  • •   Measures: 1.34m (Height) - 0.85m (Width and Depth). * Only the machine.



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